God desires something special from me

Lanteri-87x150Examining the special pattern of providence that the Lord has deigned to employ in his dealings with me thus far in my life, for which I will never be able to thank him enough, reflecting on the particular circumstances in which he has willed that I find myself, in a position to do something for his Greater Glory, and for the service of the souls redeemed by him, considering finally the present state of total liberty in which he has placed me, with the desire and the occasion that he has given me to make the holy exercises in this circumstance, I cannot but confess that His Divine Majesty desires something special on this occasion from me… . And I understand this all the more to be my duty… from the series of so many and so special benefits received from him.”

Ven. Bruno Lanteri, Spiritual Directory

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   July 8–22, 2015  Summer Residential Formation Program for Spiritual Directors

   October 22-25, 2015  Ignatian Silent Retreat (four or three-day)

   November 13-14, 2015  Personal Vocation Workshop/Retreat with Kay Davis


Lanteri Center for Ignatian Spirituality

A Grace-filled Pilgrimage

Dear Friends of the Lanteri Center,

Our Lanteri Center staff and friends recently returned from Spain and our pilgrimage to follow in the footsteps of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Our travels took us to many awe-inspiring destinations. We visited Loyola where Ignatius was born and experienced his conversion; Montserrat, where he laid down his sword in vigil before our Lady; and Manresa, where he had the profound mystical experiences that would later become his Spiritual Exercises.

We all felt drawn to more fully embrace St. Ignatius’ charism and to rededicate ourselves to promote his spirituality.

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