Retreat Themes

ignatian_prayer1.  Ignatian Prayer:
Getting ready for prayer
Your desire is your prayer
Do you understand? Meditation
Contemplation – observer and participant
Moved by the Spirit – introduction to discernment


examen_prayer2.  The Examen Prayer:
In all things give thanks – gratitude
Open my eyes Lord – enlightenment
Review – rummaging through my day
Forgiveness – the relational step
Renewal – hope for the future


discernment_of_spirits3.  Discernment of Spirits:
Defining discernment
Two persons, two strategies
Welcoming the good Spirit of God
Resisting the enemy



discern_will_of_god4. Discerning God’s Will:
The Will of God
Conditions for discerning
A personal and unique call
Holy indifference
Three ways of making a choice
Making sure it’s right